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This beauty was photographed at a Holland Zoo while visiting there in 1977. Because the gage was of a deep pit design, there was no linked fence in front of it thus providing for an unobstructed view of this majestic animal basting itself in a moment of northern European sunshine.  When I pressed the shutter, the animal looked at the camera just long enough to create a decent picture. I used the Nikon F2 and a Vivitar 35/85 f 2.8 zoom. 


Our friend to the left took a real posing position when I aimed the camera at him. It was as if the animal knew what was going on and wanted to look at his/her best. The Pelican shots were taken at the St. Petersburg Pier bait store. Both birds probably expected to be rewarded with some fish bait for their efforts. I used the Canon E7, Kodak Royal Gold 200 ASA with a 135-300 mm IS lens. The lens was set at about 300mm. Exposure was set at AE and f stop at about f-8. 

A-104    A-105 

I caught this Black footed Egret at Fort De Soto, FL. The Egret was fishing about 12-18 Ft. from the shore line. It is amazing how motionless these birds can be waiting for their pray to come within range. The shutter noise of the Canon is very quit yet, when I tripped the shutter this bird took-off preventing me from getting another shot. Canon E7, 135-300 mm IS @300. f 6, 1/500 sec. At right, this Blue Legged Egret was photographed during a recent visit to Tarpon Springs FL. I was scouting the Tarpon Springs Harbor in back of the sponge docks when I spotted this bird on the shore line. Again, it was a one-shot deal.

A-112 A-113

While I was shooting some frames during the offshore power boat races, this blue Heron was watching the same stuff I was taken pictures off. To the right, this Egret was patiently waiting for a fisher man cleaning his catch. The Egret was rewarded for its patience with a fish head fo00. Kodak Supra 100. Note, by coincidence, all birds are looking to the left.  Both birds were photographed at the St. Petersburg downtown water front. r lunch. Canon E7, 70/300mm IS zoom @ 300 mm. 

A-32   A-36

The silver heron on the left was on the prowl for something when I noticed him/her on top of the fence. I took the shot while he was keeping an eye at me. Canon e7, 28/135 IS Canon lens @ 90mm on E 100 VS Kodak slide film. To the right are a pair of pink Flamingo's photographed on a to Jungle gardens, Sarasota FL.. Jungle Gardens has a variety of parrots and other tropical birds. It is an excellent place to photograph birds. See a number of them below.

A-116    A-111 
A-114    A-115    A-107    A-1130   A-117 

Photographed this Bob cat when we were visiting up north. I had tried to shoot this cat before but fled before I could reach for the camera until a few days later she was sitting a few hundred feet away. Canon 50D 70-200 EFS.  Got you!  Biscuit, the silky terrier to the right, is a sweetheart in her own right. I shot this picture with a new Canon 24-124 mm lens. Below we find  Ginger, a Havaneese breed. This dog is convinced she is the leader of the pack!

A-0313 Bob Cat    A-0022 Terrier

To the right, Ginger a mini  Havaneese. Animals below were photographed

at the 6 Flags  New Jersey location. To the right, an ugly duck found in a local park.

A-0068  A-0986  A-1419 
  A-0353 Portrait of a Duck  A-0302 Angry Macau A-0311 Giraffe 
A-0306 Kodiak Bear A-0310 Rangoon   A-50D_0172_2 Lion on the Hill
Buck Head Zoo
A-50D_0176_2 Lion Cup Buck Head Zoo A-50D_0213 Resting Peacefully A-50D_0188_2 Gorilla and Baby
A-50D_0158_2 Lion Head    A-50D_0186_2    A-50D_0161_2 Two Lion Cubs on a-rock 
no picture here 
A-50D_0208_2 My Wash Bear Face    A-50D_0215 Komodo Dragon 

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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