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Sunshine Bridge Bridge was shot in the morning hours. a light haze was present giving the image a good sense of distance. The driftwood in foreground provided the perspective while a ship was about to pass under the bridge. Shot with a Canon Elan 7 100 ASA Kodak Super
L-737 Sunshine Bridge   C-101 Vinoy Resort Hotel
St. Petersburg FL., has undergone some extensive downtown changes. Many of the old glory downtown-bayside hotels have been removed or restored making place for new high rises, retail and public recreation. Bay Walk is an architectural Mecca with many upscale shops, restaurants and other public recreation. It's architecture is Mediterranean oriented. Image L-733 and L-736 were taken in the late afternoon with my Canon Elan 7E, Kodak E100VS, F8/125-28/135mm Canon IS. To the left is the Vinoy Tower of the Vinoy Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg FL. This old hotel is also listed on the National Register of Historical Places. the hotel was build in the early twenties and completely restored to its old luster.  
L-720 Vinoy Twr   L-733 Baywalk Twr
Where once was a small golf range there are now the Vinoy condominium high rises and the Vinoy Yacht basin creating a true Mediterranean look.. Right, the Baywalk Plaza with its many shops and snack bars and restaurants. restaurants.
C-100 Vinoy Condo's    L-736 Los Cantinas Baywalk 
Baywalk and the Plaza Bldg dominate the downtown area. The upscale shopping and entertainment covers several city blocks. The Plaza itself offers two stories of restaurants, shopping and 24 screen movie theatre. Canon Elan E7   **
C-102 Baywalk Entrance    C-105 Baywalk Plaza 
The SS Bounty docks of the 2nd. Ave. pier for the winter season. Tours are available for anyone interested.  Left, the new Hampton Inn at Beach Drive tastefully designed to fit the local Mediterranean downtown architecture
C-104 The Hampton Inn    C-103 The Bounty  
Right, the Vinoy Basin and the Vinoy Resort Hotel in the background. Offshore boat races often start here. To the left is the 2nd. Ave. Pier. The Pier has night live, a number of restaurants and many souvenir shops.   
C-106 2n. Ave Pier    C-107 Vinoy Basin 
A corner of the Don Caesar Resort Hotel with its elegant architecture. This hotel, located on the beach, has been renovated a number of times to keep up with changing public demands. A four star rating guarantees a pleasant stay. To the right and below (L-109) is the Tampa convention center located on Channel Drive a newly renovated area of major attractions such as a cruise ship terminal, The Aquarium and the Ice Hockey Stadium. Down-center, one of the towers of the Tampa University. All pictures are Canon Elan7 Kodak 100 ES digitized and printed on an Epson 1800 art printer  
L-86 Don Caesar  * L-103 Tampa Convention Cntr 
L-109 Tampa Convention Cntr.    L-104 Tampa   L-112 Tampa Bayshore Blvd. 
Emory University Campus -- Buck Head GA.
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Emory Emory was originally chartered in 1836 by a small group of Methodists as Emory College in honor of John Emory, a popular bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church. a private research university in the metropolitan area of Buck Head in the Druid Hills, Dekalb County, Georgia. In addition to its three undergraduate divisions, Emory has nine graduate and professional schools, including schools of business, law, medicine, theology, nursing, and public health, as well as thirteen graduate programs in arts and sciences. Consisting of many buildings. the campus is large enough to have its own steam power generation and police force this complex can be compared to the Vatican in terms of a city within a city. Some of the original buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Most buildings have maintained his design characteristics.
E-0643 School of Medicine   E-0648 
Left wing of the School of Medicine Building. The entire complex is
constructed of pink and two-tone grey marble. On the left, the Charles and Peggy Evans physiology building. This building is the right wing of the school of medicine complex. Fulltime enrollment is about 11300 students
E-0642 Medicine Building   E-0640 Physiology Bldg. 
E-0661 Emory Museum    E-0669    E-0658 Administration Bldg. 
E-0650 Old Emory Railroad Station  E-0646  E-0652 Sorority House (one of many)
E-0649  E-0651 Z.B.T.  Bldg E-0639  E-0666 
E-0674 Mathematics Bldg.  E-0670 Church Steeple E-0665
E-0664       E-0657 Goodrich C White Hall  E-0673 Boisfeuillet Jones Cntr. 
E-0992-tm   E-0989-tm   E-0977-tm   E-0990-tm
E-0979-tm Campus Entrance          E-0641-tm School of Medicine   E-0984-tm 
E-1126-tm Campus Power Bldgs    E-1129-tm     E-1130-tm Campus Courtyard  
E-1649 Bldg. of Medicin   E-50D-1650 Rich Memorial Bldg    E-50D-1652 Campus Entrance    E-50D-1653 Science Bldg. 
University of Georgia Campus & Athens area GA.
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The City of Athens is a very old city with a good share of history. Athens gunsmiths invented the double barrel howitzer a major contribution to the  carnage of the Civil War.
E-2570 City Hall Athens GA.    E-2573 Athens famous double
 barrel canon
E-2576 Main Amin. Bldg.    E-2590 Campus Bell    E-2581 Campus Bldg.
To alert the campus as well as the entire town, the campus bell rings only when the football team has won a game. 
E-2584 Campus Bldg.    E-2589 Campus Fountain
EE-2591 Campus Bldg.  E-2592 Campus Bldg.   E-2593 Campus Bldg.  
E-2594 Campus Arch    E-2601 Old Campus tree, (can't be tamed))   E-2600 Campus Arch 
E-2685 Athens GA  E-2604 Athens, home of another time E-2605 Athens, home entrance. 
Oglethorpe University - Brookhaven-Buck Head GA.
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Oglethorpe University was chartered in 1835 in Midway, just south of the city of Milledgeville, then the state capital. The school was built and, at that time, governed by the Presbyterian Church, making it one of the South's earliest denominational institutions. The college

E-50D_0242 Oglethorpe Univ.
Bell Tower Buck Head Ga
  E-50D_0241 Oglethorpe Bell Tower
followed the relocation of the capital to Buck Head. In 1870, it began holding classes at the present site of Buck Head City Hall. Plagued by financial difficulties, the school closed its doors two years later. The American Civil War led to the school's closing from 1862 to 1866.
E-50D_0248_Hermanos Stadium
 Oglethrop Unv. Atkanta
E-50D_0243 Oglethorp University

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