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                           Buck Head - Atlanta's dubai

Most of the images on this page where taken in an area called buck head. the area is located west of lennox more or less between the 400, the 75 and 85 where peachtree road is the main thru-fare. in 1838, henry irby purchased 202 acres surrounding the present intersection of peachtree, roswell, and west paces ferry roads from daniel johnson for $650. irby subsequently established a general store and tavern at the northwest corner of the intersection.

The name "buck head" comes from a story that irby killed a large buck deer and placed the head in a prominent location for everyone to see. by the late 1800s, buck head had become a rural vacation spot for the wealthy who frequent the many recreation establishments that were springing-up in the area. at in the 1890s, buck head was rechristened buck head heights but by the 1920's people generally called the area by the original name and so it was again "buck head".

Today buck head is an affluent uptown district of buck head, Fulton County, Georgia, comprising approximately the northern fifth of the city. buck head is a major commercial and financial center of the southeast, and it is, after downtown and midtown, the third-largest business district in buck head. 

The district's high-rise office buildings, hotels, and condominiums form a highly urbanized core along peachtree road. surrounding this dense core are buck head's suburban neighborhoods, which feature large single-family homes situated among wooded forests and rolling hills however, the rate of expansion at and around the buck head area is so large that a lot of older real estate succumbs to the wrecking ball to make way for ultra modern high rise buildings of extraordinary architectural ingenuity.

More history

Buck Head remained dominated by country estates until after world war i, when many of buck head's wealthy began building mansions among the area's rolling hills. despite the stock market crash of 1929, lavish mansions were still constructed in buck head throughout the great depression. in 1930, henry aaron alexander built one of the largest homes on peachtree road, a 15,000 square-foot house with 33 rooms and 13 bathrooms. the community was annexed by buck head in 1952

Many of buck head's old neighborhoods, including johnson town, piney grove, savage town and macedonia park, were razed beginning in the 1940s. in 1956, an estate known as joyeuse was chosen as the site for a major shopping center to be known as lenox square which is still there today. the mall was designed by joe amisano, an architect who designed many of buck head's modernist buildings and apparently a trend setter for the area. when lenox square opened in 1959, it was one of the first malls in the country, and the largest shopping center in the southeastern u.s. office development soon followed with the construction of tower place in 1974.

To reverse a business down-turn in buck head village during the 1980s, minimum parking spot requirements for bars were lifted, which quickly led to it becoming the most dense concentration of bars and clubs in the city, such as bar, world bar, lulu's bait shack, mako's, tongue & groove, chaos, john harvard's brew house, paradox, frequency and the havana club.

Beginning in 2000, residents sought to ameliorate the crime situation by taking measures to reduce the community's nightlife and re-establish a more residential character. the buck head coalition's president and former buck head mayor sam massell, along with councilwoman mary norwood were instrumental in persuading the buck head city council to pass a local ordinance to close bars at 2:30 am rather than 4 am, and liquor licenses were made more difficult to obtain. eventually, most of the buck head village nightlife district was acquired for the "buck head buck head" multi-use project, and many of the former bars and clubs were razed in 2007.

In 2008, a newsletter by the fulton county taxpayers foundation began circulating that proposed the secession of buck head into its own city after more than 50 years as part of buck head. this came on the heels of neighboring sandy springs (just outside of the 285 beltway,) which finally became a city in late 2005 after a 30-year struggle to incorporate, and which triggered other such incorporations in metro buck head's northern suburbs. like those cities, the argument to create a city of buck head is based on the desire for more local control and lower taxes.

Today, buck head has come into it own with a display of highly sophisticated black-glass wrapped buildings which are second to none. some off the buildings border on the edge optical illusion such as image e-50d_0219  the images below shot by herman j muller with canon equipment speak for themselves.


e-50d-1640 Emory mid-town    e-50d_0226_2 buck head grand condo buck head Ga   e-50d_1643 bank of America, mid-town    e-50d_0219 Peachtree business cntr. office building 2 buck head ga 
e-50d_0128 peachtree-financial center buck head ga   e-50d_0236 peachtree business cntr. buck head ga   e-50d_0229 peachtree financial cntr. office-building buck head ga   e-50d_0226 buck head grand condo buck head ga 
buck head is changing as on can tell from the published images on the page. old is comfortable but "out with the old, in with the new" contemporary as it may be.
e-50d_0238 king & queen
 buildings buck head ga
  e-50d_0288_2 buck head
 lenox area buck head ga
e-50d_0286_2 buck head
lenox buck head ga
  e-50d_0250 n-buck head
buck head ga
  e-50d_0284_2 manderin
lenox area buck head ga
e-50d_0280_2 buck head
 lenox-area buck head ga
 e-50d_0277_2 glass dominance e-50d_0220_2 office
 building buck head ga
e-50d_0005 westin peachtree plaza after hurricane   e-50d_0006 downtown buck head ga   e-50d_0014 downtown buck head ga 
e-50d_0231 top floors high-rise buck head buck head   e-6d_000732   e-50d_0268 buck head   buck head ga
e-50d_0271 triumph building buck head buck head ga   e-6d_000737   e-50d_0128_2 peachtree financial center buck head ga
e-6d_000722   e-6d_000740.   e-6d_000726
e-6d_000724 buck head re-newell   e-6d_000771   e-6d_000766 shoppint at buck head
e-6d_000797 the
manderin reflection
e-6d_000856 the old and the new   e-6d_000852 peachtree business bldg 
e-6d_000782 access to atrium   e-6d_000801 sandstone and glass   e-6d_000788 the contemporary and the conventional
e-6d_000794 pulty
 group bldg
e-6d_000792 future sky house e-6d_000805
 curved glass
E-6D_1874-2 Buck Head E-6D_1896 Buck Head E-6D_1882-5 Buck Head
E-6D_1895-4 Buck Head E-6D_1875-3_Buck Head Sunset E-6D 1880 Madarin Hotel

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