Plants & Garden Flora

Photography by Herman J.    Muller

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  Longwood Gardens PA

Plants & Garden Flora Page
B-1126-Rhododendrum B-0793 Red Tulip  B-0795 Violet 
B-338  Red Star (Nemesia)  B-1293 Pink Coronation  B-336  Petunia Hybrida 
 B-304  Golden Lantana  B-2008  B-2007  B-322 Cultured Daylily 
The large (Golden and Yellow)Sun Flowers are part of beautiful flower displays at the Mohowk Resort in the New Paltz, N.Y. Pictures (B-0235 & 0241) courtesy; Deborah Muller McKinney
B-0235 Golden Sun Flower
Photo by Debby McKinney
  B-0241 Yellow Sun Flower
Photo by Debby McKinney
B-0961 Daffodils   B-1057 HD Azalias B-0216 Budding Red Magnolia 
B-1325 Mums   -50D_0215 Budding Pink Magnolia
B-50D_183 Red-Flowers-FC B-2008_2 B-50D_305 Caladium.
BB-50D_1165 Lupinia B_50D_0834_2 Coronation B-50D_1070_Narciss
         B-20D_1347        Shrub-Rose   B-50D_344 Peace-lily   B-50D_800 Red-Tullip
Roses, Hibiscus and Mandeville's (see Hibiscus page) photograph well against a shadow filled background. A 13 x 19 print of them is a sight too behold.
B-1637 Pink Crown Roses   B-1619 Yellow Royal Rosess
B-329 Red Garbera   B-341-Orange-Rose   B-340-Red-Rose   B-328 African Garbera
 Botanical Gardens GA
B-0793 Red Tulip B-1068 Yellow Roses
B-50D_0087 Western
 Poppy Botanical Buck Head 
  B-312-Cypress_Magnolia    B-50D_0016_Yellow
Tulip Botanical Buck Head
 Botanical Gardens GA
 Open Yellow Tulip
B-50D_1824 Dandelion

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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