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Sometimes you come through an area and you like what you see but you are not sure what it is. Then, you get it. You notice color, a lot of it. Then, you notice the stores hidden in the "facade" of old homes, everyone painted in a different color. Many of the stores are very old homes and local preservation laws probably prohibited  destroying the older structures in an effort to preserve the character of the town. Cold Springs is a small town along the Eastern river banks of the Hudson and few miles North of the Bear Mountain Bridge. This small town has lots of character with many antique shops, restaurants, "Bed and Breakfast's" and a few Hotels with magnificent lobbies and restaurants. (see SF-8) Many of the store windows are the original house windows displaying a fraction of what is available inside.mahogany lobbies and grill
SF-2 Antique Store    SF-6 Furniture Store 
 Antique shops are galore maybe because Cold Springs is located almost in the middle of the Hudson shore line where many Mansion were build during the twenties and the thirties. . Well known families such as the Vanderbilt and Rockefellers and many others.  
SF-1 The Clothing Store    SF-5 The Pizza Store 
Cold Springs has many small restau- rants. Many are tourist traps, some have been around for many years such as the Cold Spring Restaurant. Many antique dealers show their merchandize on the sidewalk hoping to entice the strolling public into buying. An interesting fact about Cold Springs is, that This area was polluted by the Marathon Battery
SF-8 Bed & Breakfast HD    SF-4 Outdoor Cafe HD 
 that took nearly 16 years to cleanup. The dredging operations to remove the 150 metric tons of nickel-cadmium waste and contaminated soils was completed in 1996. The nickel-cadmium batteries manufactured were for used in the guidance systems of the NIKE missile guidance systems. The 2000 census tags the population at 1983.
SF-50-482 Restaurant Corner HD    SF-50-499 Cold Spring Restaurant
SF-50--485 Restaurant Cathryn's HD    SF-50-498 Silver Spoon HD    SF-50-483 Cathryn's Marquis HD 
SF-50-486 Spooky River Antiques HD    SF-50-495 Deli   SF-50-497 Antique store HD 
SF-50-490 Sidewalk Antiques HD    SF-50-493 Sidewalk Antiques HD 
SF-50-491 More Antique Dealers HD        SF-50-494 Sidewalk Antiques HD 
Right is a lose look at the front door of the Cathryn's Restaurant taken at an earlier date See picture #  SF-50--48 this page. To the left is the 1833 church located about 30ft from the Hudson waterfront. Cold Spring NY is a small village located about 50 miles (of the 9E) north of the city. This location has many old buildings and colorful facades making it a favorite place or photographers.
NYB-0383 Cathrien's    NYB-0379 1833 Church 
Location: Stone Mountain Village, GA
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The town is named for Stone Mountain, the largest exposed granite dome site in North America. Because of preservation zoning, professionals find it difficult to locate office space and thus setup shop in old parcels. The town strives to maintain its character from the 1800 hundreds. Modernization and new construction is zoned carefully.  No high-rises here! The 2000 census lists the population to be around 7145.
SM-0675 Covered Shops HD   SM-0672 Local Legal Bldg. HD
A local watering hole defies all bar/salon architectural standards including the "Deck" upstairs. One wonders though if it all will stay together when things get hopping. The covered shops pictured here left and right including SM-0675, are on one side of the street and connected together. It makes for cool and dry shopping.
SM-0676 Watering Hole HDE    SM-0673 HDE    SM-0674 HDE 
Discovery & Georgia Mall, Buck Head, GA  (HDR Images)
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The next series of six were taken at the Discover Mills Shopping Center in Duluth Ga. The food court was an idyllic place to sit and experiment with some HDR pictures. HDR images are three bracketed pictures of the same scene taken about 1.5 to 2 stops apart on a tripod or any other steady surface to prevent
SF-0303 HD Discover Mills Food Court   SF-0299 HD Discover Mills Carousel
camera motion. The under and over exposed images are sandwiched with the proper exposed image to exhibit a picture showing superb shadows and highlight detail. The technology is not new but not in common or everyday use. The technology has been made simpler with camera automatic bracketing abilities available on
SF-0410 HD Smoothie Stand   SF-0343 HD Discover Mills Food Court
most SLR cameras today. The process of making these images is cumbersome for a number of reasons. See our write-up on the subject
SF-HD-0407 HD Pocketbook Stand   SF-0402 HD Store Entrance
Facades, doors and many building features often make interesting photo subjects. Because their color, shape and design can be startling. Images in  this section labeled HD, are triple exposure shots bracketed 2 stops up/down.
 SF-9 The 22nd Ave Tile Store   SF-10 Red Doors
Left, a section of the Georgia Mall.      No Picture here
SF-1185 HD Georgia Mall    
Madison, GA
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SF-50-2609 Side walk Antiques   SF-50-2680   SF-50-2608 Side walk Antiques
SSF-50-2670 Two Green Chairs    SF-50-2673   SF-50-2671 More antiques 

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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