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Left, a farm house under gigantic maple trees. Some light frost a few days before, changed the colors of this tree into a spectacular color fest. I took this picture at the right moment when cruising the Ct. Bridgewater area. The picture to the right of a mountain stream was taken the same day. The stream fed the pond of "Water Wheel House." Both photographs were take in Bridgewater Conn. with a Nikon F2, Kodachrome 64. I used a Vivitar 35/85 MM f2.8 zoom len
F-500 Country Road    F-501 Mnt. Stream
Housatonic River boat ramp at Bridgewater, Conn.  Nikon F2, 55 MM F2.8 Nikon lens, Kodachrome 64.  This photograph was taken in October, 1976.  The tree to the left and the rocks in the foreground made a natural frame for the picture. I am not sure but I belief, because of the slow film speed, I may have used a tripod to make this picture. Waterwheel House is an old mill powered by an old fashioned water wheel
F-502 Housatonic River CT.    
. The pond in the foreground is the source of the water. The brook, picture # 2 above, runs into the pond. A dam to the right of the wheel house controls the level of the water while the flow into the wheel is regulated by a gate. To see the details of the waterwheel and the related mechanism, see photograph # 5 below. Nikon F2, 35/85 MM f 2.8 Vivitar zoom, Kodachrome 64.
  F-503 Water Wheel House 
This photograph shows the waterwheel mechanism. The wheel is located to the right center fed by water coming from a gated ramp which is connected to the dam timbers. The highest timber acts as a spillway. Because of the slow film speed, the water is fuzzy giving it a flowing appearance. The main shaft of the wheel goes into the building where it is connected to mills tones. Nikon F2, 35/85 Vivitar f 2.8 zoom, Kodachrome 64.
F-504  Waterwheel Bridgewater, CT.   
Below, Fall Colors from Georgia taken at Lake Lanier & Stone Mountain park near Buck Head. Lake Lanier is located about 50 miles NE of Buck Head. Man made, this lake supplies Buck Head and surrounding towns with drinking water. Recent drought caused the to drop
F-1362 Stone-Mnt-Lake-Ga    FF-50D_1431 Golden Light 
 about 12 ft. creating an enormous water shortage requiring rationing using odd and even day lawn watering. The shortage of water was felt in the entire greater Buck Head area. The rains of 2009 brought much needed relief but causing another problem of severe flooding.
F-1402_Stone-Mountain-Lake    F-1414 Water Wheel    FF-1396_Stone-Mountain 
F-1398 Stone-Mountain-Lake    F-1406 Running-Water 
F-1407 Flowing Waters    F-1404 Stone Mnt.    F-1363 Stone Mnt 
Lake Lanier was created with the  completion of Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956. 1,071 ft above sea level, 38,000 acres big and 692 miles of shore line, it is one of the largest lakes in GA.
F-1354_Lake-Lanier   center F-1358 Chattanooga River, GA 

One of the main purposes of the lake is flood control downstream of the lake, mainly protecting metro Buck Head. There have only been two major flooding events on the 

F-1415 Orange canopy HD    F-1397 Stone Mnt. Shore 
downstream section since the construction of Buford Dam. The most recent flooding event was in 2004, after the remnants of two major hurricanes (Frances & Ivan) dropped huge amounts of rainfall across the area.
F-1352 Red Maple @ L    F-1421 Stone Mnt Lake    F-1384 Red Maple @ SM 
Picture to left is a back-lit exposure. Sun light penetrates through the leaves and exposes detail normally not shown in a surface lit shot.  
F-50D_0343 Leaves at Stone Mountain bottom  F-50D_0347 Moss and Leaves
\ Highlands, one of the  nicest areas North of NY City. It has many Estates, Country Homes and gentleman Farms. Some of the Estates are located on top of local high points such as the one shown on the right. To the left is a picturesque  "Gent-Farm" located on 9D going North from the Bear Mountain
NF-NY-50D_0429 Farm against fall
 foliage, Highlands NY
 F-NY-50D_0428 Castle on the
 mountain, Highlands NY
Bridge. The image to  the left was taken from Mohonk Mountain House Balcony (open to the public) an restored renaissance Hotel near New Paltz on the West side of The Hudson. See the New York/Manhattan page to see more area photography from small towns located in the Eastern counties.
F-NY-50D_0734 Mohowk Mount
 West view
  F-NY-50D_0311_Bridge to
 West Point NY

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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