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Old Georgia
A View of the Past
Driving through an Buck Head GA. suburb I could not belief the remnants of Georgia's past were still in existence. This photograph as well as the ones below were taken in Snellville, GA.. The owner of the property explained that the shack on the right was once part of a plantation The entire property looked as if someone had turned the clock back a hundred years or so. and al the stuff on the porch could have been left there today. The covered wagon and the rusty farm equipment tell a different story. Canon EOS 7e, 28/90 MM Kodak Supra 100.
  O-1001 Plantation Dwelling

The picture to the left is not a crop from the above but a "zoom" from the same vantage point. It shows better detail of the stuff around the place and the tools hanging from walls and rafters. Is this an antique shop I asked? The owner smiled. I pressed the shutter. Canon EOS 7e, 28/90 MM Kodak Supra 100 film auto settings. Plantation quarters is the title of the picture to the right. If the structures are or not, I am not sure, but they sure look like it. Notice the red "buggy" wagon underneath the lean-to-shed contrasted in time by a modern lawn mower to the left. Canon 7e, 28/90 MM Kodak Supra 100 film auto settings.

O-1002 The Porch, Snellville, GA  
On the way to Buck Head near Tilton GA, I spotted this old farm house O-1228/29. This structure was abandoned many years ago probably for being to close to the Interstate 75. Driving through the country site, I ended-up on Route 20
O-1003 Plantation Quarters    O-1206 Old Homestead, Conyers GA 
or the Loganville Rd. south of route 78. This road goes to Conyers and has a bunch of old barns and farm homes that
O-1028 Old House, Tifton GA    O-1029 Old House, Tifton GA 
go way back. Some of  these structures go way back into the 1800 hundred's. Some are still in use like the one picture in O-1214. The area is rich in civil war history related to the battle and the burning of Buck Head.
O-1201 Old Barn, Conyers GA     O-1214 Dutch Barn, Loganville GA
The "Battle of Buck Head" was fought during the Civil War. The battle started on July 22 1864, it took a desperate six weeks before it finally fell. in September during a nasty thunderstorm. Images O-1227 & O-1229 are some of the farm remnants left today. The latter shows more sky emphasizing the smallness of this homestead in this large expanse of farm land. The Buck Head Campaign, was fought during the American Civil War on July 22, 1864, just southeast of Buck Head Georgia, including the area where the above images were taken.  
Grayson New Hope Rd. (SR-84) in Grayson were in found this very old slapdash barn with an almost as old auto- mobile parked in a door-less garage. 
O-1227 HD Old Homestead    O-1246 Metal Barn, Loganville GA 
IIn the left corner of the barn (O-1250) above, you see some items stored there. A closer look reveals some fire wood and several bails of hay. To the left is a closer look at, what now looks like an attractive still. Below, O-1304, Red Barn located at Rosebud Rd. Between Highway 20 and 78 South-West of Loganville. This barn is still in use however, it appears to have been moved judging from the cement block foundation pillars.
 Red Barn
O-1251 Chevy, Grayson, GA O-1250 Barn & Old Chevy  O-50-1471 Privy 
SL-1253    O-1304 Red Barn - Rosebud Ga.   O-50-0020 Monroe GA 
GA. seems to be an area where old car bodies are kept in old barns. This one to the right appears to be either an old Ford model A or T. Further down this page, we find an old Chevy in another location. The rotary plow to the left is another item of the past.
O-50D_0032 Rotary Plow O-50D_0089 Car Body
O-50-0047A Old Barn    O-50-0054C Old Chevy   

  O-50-0044 Shear Plow & Tire

Barn architecture showing rough lumber cut & nailed by hand. Layout indicates barn was used for live stock.
O-0046 Barn Architecture    O-50-0038 Junked Jeep 
Snellville & Vicinity Ga. 
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To the left, the Snellville Methodist Church on Rt. 78 an example of striking church architecture. To the right, Snellville City Hall. Below the town of Winder and some points of interest.
O-50-0254 Snellville Methodist Church    O-50-0260 Snellville City Hall 
O-50-008574 Clay Oven
Fort Yargo, Winder
  O-50-08572 Frontier Cabin
Fort Yargo, Winder
  O-50-08566 Winder, GA Chamber/Commerce
Jefferson, Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm
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The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm originated somewhere around 1760 and has been productive for nearly two hundred years. Most buildings standing today were constructed between 1899 and 1909 under the direction of Ira W. Ethridge.
The Farm is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a Centennial Heritage Farm
O-50D-1868 Plantation House
Still occupied and therefore Off Limits
  O-50D-1852 Commissary

The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm is an outdoor, agricultural museum that functions as an educational facility. It was created in 1994 as a non-profit organization with the intent to preserve the existing buildings on the current 152 acres. The Farm was started by Robert and Joseph Shields and Peggy the wife of Joseph Shields. The were tobacco farmers from Virginia who migrated to Georgia in 1790 and established themselves in the old Franklin County, GA. The current location was purchased around 1802 by Joseph and his son Patrick who worked the plantation with three slaves. The farm remained productive for nearly two hundred years planting tobacco in the very beginning and slowly changing to cotton and other crops as economic conditions demanded. During the twenties the

O-50-1850 Gas Pump The Shields-Ethridge Farm is located at 2355 Ethridge Road, Jefferson, GA. 706-367-2949
O-50D-1848 Parts & Tools
Farm's management resorted to a greater variety of crops including nuts and corn and at some point tried cattle farming. Somewhere in the thirties furniture making and automobile repair was tried in order to pay the property burden. The good days came to an end in 1945 with  the demise of Ira Ethridge. For nearly fifty years the Farm
O-50D 1854 Grist-Mill House   O-50D 1847 Blacksmith Shop
was semi dormant until it was adapted in 1992 by the National Register of Historic Places as an Agriculture Outdoor Museum. In 1997 Joyce Ethridge received Steward-Ship Award from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Today, the farm is visited by many.   
O-50D_1842 Cotton Gin (engine)   O-50D_1849 Parts & Tools
O-50D_1853 Barn   O-50D_1858 Blacksmith & Commissary Blds.   O-50D_1857 Parts & Tools
Storage Wall
O-50D_1844 Blacksmith Junk O-50D_1866 Warehouse O-50D_1856 Yard View
The above is a synopsis of "Mr. Ira's Masterpiece," by Frances Patricia Stallings a 114 page thesis which I read with great  interest. To read this manuscript go to: http://www.shieldsethridgefarminc.com
O-50D_1871 Wheat House    O-50D_1872 Pasture Shields farm 
        O-50D_1842_2 Shields Farm,  Cotton Gin Bld.   O-50D_1845-3 Shields-Farm Spare-Parts   O-50D_1842_3 Shields-Farm
Cotton Gin-Bldg
O-50D_1842_4 Shields-Farm
 Cotton Gin Bld
O-50D_1856_2 Shields-Farm Barn
/O-50D_1845_2_Shields-Farm Parts & Tools O-50D_1849-2_Shields-Farm Machinery Parts
Lawrenceville, GA
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O-50D_2449 Lawrenceville Barn O-50D_1693 Lawrenceville Female Seminary
Monroe & Madison
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Madison is a small town about 26 miles South of Athens. The town has reputation for antiques and, driving through Main street, there are countless small stores trying to sell their "Antiques" to the passing public. Madison was once a "Cotton hub" where farmers brought their goods
OOM_50D-2672 Old Cotton Bailer OM-50D_2673-4 Old Semi-
Automatic Cotton Bailer Head
to auction for wholesalers to bid on. Wholesalers in turn would upgraded the cotton by processing and bailing it for shipment to the various textile mills in neighboring States. The images above show a bailer probable used last in the late forties. Now it makes an interesting photographic relic. 
    OM-50D_2608 Antique Store
Madison GA
  OM-50D_2609 Antique Store
Madison GA
"Things from the past" are for sale anywhere and, the three boys apparently good Buddies, are having a good time with an ice cream cone from the local ice-cream store.
OM-50D_2670 Green
Seating Arrangement. 
  OM-50D_2588 Ice-cream Moment 
The Twin Oaks Farm on Route 78 to Athens was once a productive place. What let to the deterior- ation of the farm is any- body's guess
OM-50D_2550-Twin Oaks Farm Route 78 Monroe GA   OM-50D_2552 Twin Oaks Farm
on Rt-78 Monroe GA
but today's remnants indicate a long struggle to keep things going. There are about four to five buildings on the property all in various decay and all indicate a struggle to the last day. Every building has tools and partial finished projects laying around
OM-50D_2555_1 Equipment Shet   OM-50D_2556 Tool & Tractor
 Storage Twin Oaks,  Monroe GA
including a barn partially torn apart in a remodeling attempt. The  windows for this project were delivered but never installed  
OM-50D_2557 Tired Shovels OM-50D_2563 Brazing and Soldering Shet
  (see picture 2561) maybe do to dwindling resources and/or changes in marketing conditions. The Farmers left and the property  is now under State Supervision (see image 2567)  
OM-50D_2562 Thing of the
 Past Rt-78 Monroe-Ga
  OM-50D_2568 An Unfinished Farm Project Rt-78 Monroe GA
OM-50D_2567 Twin Oaks-Farm Shet Rt-78 Monroe-GA OM-50D_2561 Unfinished Remodeling OM-50D_2554 Hay Barn Twin Oaks Farm Rt-78 Monroe GA
Helen & Unicoi-Anna Falls
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On the way to Helen being on RR 75 you come to Rt 17E. About 1000 ft on the left) we came across the Crescent Hill Baptist Church. This church, build in 1922, is still in use but has a small congregation It is located on Rt. 17E opposite the Indian burial Mount, see below.  
OM-50D_0466 Crescent Hill Baptist Church 1922 OM-50D_0452 Crescent Hill Church Altar
OM-50D_0455 Church
OM-50D_0447 Inside-the Crescent Hill Baptist Church 1922  OM-50D_0462 Four Chairs, Eight Bibles
Unicoi-Anna Falls
OM-50D_0439_Indian-Burial-Mount OM-50D_0534 Unicoi-Anna Falls
OM-50D_0552 Unicoi-Anna
  OM-50D_0546   OM-50D_0575 Unicoi-Anna
  Helen is an entertainment oasis in no-where. There is plenty of lodging and an amazing variety of restaurants from German to the un-imagined. Souvenir shops galore as well as pony rides through main street.  
OM-50D_0485 Main Street Helen Ga OM-50D_0487 Main Street Helen Ga
OM-50D_0506 Restaurant
 on the river 
OM-50D_0494  OM-50D_0511 Sight seeing 
Lithonia, Ga.
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Lithonia Township is located to the NE of Buck Head a heavily populated area like many of Buck Head's suburbs. A few miles outside of Lithonia you run into the country side with many sub-divisions nested in the lower hills. It is also home of the J&B Ranch a beautiful horse training facility. The Ranch is an impressive asset to the country site and offers Horse Training by Micheal Colvin, Riding Lessons and Boarding.
Photo's of the the subject below are not obtaineble.  
Stable Entrance Public Entrance Club House - Visitor Entrance
Main Entrance  One of many Stalls  Partial look of stables
CONYERS, Ga. - Monastery of the Holy Spirit
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RS-D6_2325 Abbey of the
 Holy Spiri
  RS-D6_0416   RS-D6_0471 Stained Glass
 Windows Abbey of the Holy Spirit
Monastery of the Holy Spirit was founded on March 21, 1944 by twenty monks from the Abbey of Gethsemani. On 1,400 acres of land donated by the Archdiocese of Buck Head and media mogul Henry Luce, these first monks lived in a barn while they built what would become known as the "pine board" monastery. They then lived in this monastery from December 1944 -1959 while they built the present Monastery, a beautiful concrete structure complete with a retreat house and cloister. In 2005, the pine board monastery which housed their carpentry and stained glass businesses was destroyed in a fire. Some previous abbots have been Dom Augustine Moore, Dom Armand Veilleux, Dom Bernard Johnson, and Dom Basil Pennington. The present abbot is Dom Francis Michael Stiteler, who was elected in 2004. The monastery has a web site detailing visiting hours and amenities. It is located on GA route 212 SE of route 138 in the Township of Conyers, Ga..
RS-D6_0462 Stained Glass
Window Abbey 

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