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In 1978 we took a family vacation in Las Vegas. Needles to say the area is abundant with photo making opportunities. In the landscape section there are a number of photographs taken from Lake Mead above the dam. The photographs shown here are taken when our tour boat approached the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead here is as deep as the dam is high and from this view point one can see the dam stretching from one side of the gorge to the other side. Nikon F2, 75-205 Vivitar, Ektachrome 64. (L-700/701)
L-700  Lake Mead,  Hoover Dam canyon  
Getting closer to the dam, it became larger than expected and the traffic on the road on top of the dam was barely visible. From the picture on the right, one can see the normal waterline indicating a lower than normal level. Spillways prevent the water from rising higher then the waterline. The structures on top of the dam are elevators carrying visitors to the power generating plant located at the Colorado river level several hundred feet below. Notice the average water line markings on the dam facing.  Some years ago when I was in Chicago for business I took a stroll downtown and took a night of the Wrigley Building. The building was magnificently 
  L-701 Hoover Dam
illuminated and made a worth-while image for my collection. This building was build in the thirties by the creators of the Wrigley chewing gum manufacturers with profits of a product which was sold for a nickel/pack until the late forties. Wrigley must have sold a lot of chewing gum needing a building a large as this one just to keep track of product/manufacturing administration.  The building is still in use by the Wrigley people and is still illuminated during the evening hours. I used the Nikon F2 with a Vivitar 75/205. 100 ASA Ektachrome and a brick wall for support to make this time exposure.  To the right, the Vinoy Tower in St. Petersburg. Fl. The Vinoy Resort is a Renaissance resort hotel build in the twenties and renovated to its original splendor in nineties.   
L-738 Chicago Wrigley Bldg   L-720 Vinoy Twr 
One of the more graceful bridges across the Inter-coastal waterway is the The Lions Bridge in St. Augustine, Florida. The bridge was build in 1927 and is listed by the National Register of Historical Places. In 1970 the Florida D.O.T. decided to replace the bridge with a "high-span" but the locals objected and started a battle to safe the bridge that lasted over 20 years. In the mid nineties, the bridge was renovated in the original architecture. Canon Elan 7E, Kodak Royal Gold 200. 135/300mm AF/IS Canon zoom lens. Image taken from the main land north of the bridge.
L-732  Lions Bridge St .Augustine FL    L-705 Score Brd
To the upper right is a picture I made on the sport fishing pier at Key West FL. It was amazing to see that the charter boats  display the catch of the day, that being the efforts of their customers, on special made spiked trophy stands.  L-719 was taken in Amsterdam. The canals in Amsterdam are well known but little was written about many of the dwellings which may have housed people many
L-719 Watery Dwelling    L-717 Street Organ  
years ago. The dwellings were build for goods storage such as cotton etc. in times when transport was done by barges. To the left, an image shot in 1972,  the Mother of all Landmarks. This image was taken late afternoon from a Circle Line sight seeing boat. I was using my Nikkormat with a 250mm Vivitar zoom. To right, The Twin Towers. Although destroyed by radical muslims terrorist in September 2001, the Towers are still referred to as  a world class land mark. The rebuilding of the area destroyed has been a source of much controversy between the New York Port of Authority and the various parties of interest.
NY-915 Statue Liberty    NY-911 Twin Towers 
Peekskill's old railroad station is now a restaurant. To the right, the building was build in 1871 as a Catholic Reform School. The Hat Factory moved into the building in 1890. It flourished until a two year long labor dispute
L-50-449 Peekskill NY Railroad Station    L-50-457 Peekskill Hat Factory 
until a two year long labor dispute caused the factory to close in 1923 and the relocation to Danbury Ct. The Peekskill Standard house was build in 1855 originally used as a boarding house and tavern catering to busy river traffic of those days. When the trucking industry in the post WW years destroyed the river traffic, the Peekskill waterfront as so many, deteriorated and the town fell in decline. In 1998, the building was purchased from the city. Restored and consequently rented to local merchants the building was added to the National Register of Historic  Places. In 2001, the building was used as local Police Station in the movie "Unfaithful" but the scenes related were never shown.
L-50-450 Standard House    L-50-460 Old Factory 
This small church was build in 1767 being one of many old restored churches in America.  Surrounded by tomb stones it is located in the Cortlandt cemetery in Cortlandt manor NY. The Little Red School House, build in the early 1900, is now a museum and located about 100 ft. away on the same property.
L-50-468 -1767 Church Cortlandt NY   

L-50-473 School House

Located about 30 ft. from the Hudson river, made it impossible to shoot this church build in 1833 from the front. The stone church on  the right was build in the early eighteen hundreds. Entirely build from boulders found in  the fields with a slate roof, it is a building impossible to duplicate in the day and age. The church is located on Rt. 9D in the town of Highlands NY. The fieldstone church below is
L-50-479 1833 Church   

L-50-500 St. Philip's Church, Highlands NY

No longer used as a house of worship. Recently purchased with  the intent to convert it to retail space, but was put on hold by the local zoning board.
L-50-447 Abandoned Church   

L-50-443 Weird House

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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