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    ■ NY Landscapes & Catskill Mountain ViewsLL-801 The big X, Lake Mead
It was 1977 when we took a trip to Las Vegas. From our hotel, we took a number of trips to various locations including the Hoover Dam located on Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Included in the sight seeing trip was a lunch at the Lake Mead Marina and restaurant and a boat trip on the lake and a view of the Hoover Dam from upstream. The photographs to the left and below were taken from the boat at about high noon. The colors of thlandscape varied from orange to coal black. The picture to the right drew my attention because of the, what seem to be, a large "X" across the landscape. I had no inkling if this phenomena was created by the position of the sun, scarred from a digging or maybe it
LL-800  Painted Dessert,  Nevada
was a natural deposit of some mineral. The white line at the bottom of the rock formations indicates the normal average water level of the lake. This water mark is visible on other pictures as well as photographs taken from the Hoover Dam. See the "Landmark" page. The photograph on the left, testifies to the remarkable ability of the landscape to change colors within reasonable distance. The orange deposits shown in image # 1 more closely and the transition to a near black outcropping creates a fascinating environment for zoom lens and wide angle photography.
LL-801 LL-801 The big X, Lake Mead, Nevada 
All photographs were made with Nikon F2, 35/85 Vivitar and 100/250 Soligor The photograph to the right was taken in October about 5 O'clock in the morning at the charter fishing boat dock site located at Noank, Conn.. Sun rises are different than sun sets because the upcoming sun light is overcoming the dark where sun sets are a retreating light source. Because of the moisture in the air an aurora forms when the sun is just about below the horizon. This moment only lasts e few minutes. Nikkormat, Nikon 55 MM, Kodakchrome 64. The image below was taken at a marina
LL-802 Black Mountains Lake Mead, Nevada
Located on one of the many rivers in the Netherlands. I was struck by the odd sight that all the craft moored there, were of the same type and of same manufacture. I do not know if this was intentional or a coincidence but it sure made for an unusual sight. The sky testifies to a cold windy day honoring the climate in that part of Europe. Nikon F2, Ektachrome 64, 55 MM

Old Dixie road is located NE of Ormond Beach along the Halifax river estuaries. It is part of the "Tomoka" land area located in a large swampy flood plane

LL-803 LL-803 Noank Docksite, Ct
 which is sparsely populated. To the left LL-806, are the ruins of the Anacape Mission. This mission traded in sugar cane and endeavored in  paper production. It was destroyed by fire. Canon Elan 7E, 28/135 AF/IS and Kodak Royal Gold 200
LL-804 Cloned Boats, Waalwyk Holland LL-806 Annacape
To the left the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson valley at Peekskill, NY. Right, the Peekskill municipal marina and a motel restaurant on the cliff overlooking the water.
LL-021 Bear Mountain Bridge, NY. LL-024 LL-024 Peekskill Bluff on the Hudson, NY.
To the left, a road in the Tomoka wetlands covered by a canopy of swamp oak trees. To the right, rolled hay bales in a field near Logan- ville Ga.Hay in a field near Logan- ville Gaegia.
LL-805 Old Dixie Rd.Herman Tomoka Wetlands FL LL-50D-0026 Hayfields in Loganville, Georgia
      NY Landscapes & Catskill Mountain Views 
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New York State has many faces. The Catskills Mountains is only one of them. Both view where taken of the Mohonk Mountain in the area of New Paltz a dozen of miles on the west side of the New York thruway. (See Renaissance Hotels -- Mohonk Mountain Hotel images)
LL-50D-0734 Mnt. Mohonk Panorama, NY LL-50D-0748 LL-50D-0748 Mnt. Mohonk Panorama, NY
LL-20D-0039 & 0040 are views taken from route 9W going up to Storm Mountain. The Hudson river used to freeze-over and ice-boating was a Hudson Valley specialty.  
LL-20D-0039 Hudson Valley at
 Storm Mountain, NY 
LL-20D-0040 Hudson Valley at
 Storm Mountain, NY
Bear Mountain Park is well visited during the summer months and  during that period, Circle Line Bear Mountain Park is well visited during the summer months. and during that period, Circle Line Boats runs a regular service from the New York's west side harbor and docks at Bear Mountain Park after a two hour pleasant trip. Food and lodging is available within the park facilities
LL-20D-0046 Bear Mountain Bridge LL-20D-0054  LL-20D-0054 Bear Mnt. Lodge
The lower Hudson Valley between routes 9E and 9W is one of the oldest and most populated areas of this country. The Hudson river was the "highway" contributing to trade with the backlands to the west and upstate. The river shores dotted with small towns from which freight was distributed to inland settlements east and west of the Hudson. Although    
LL-0186 Sunset at Adams Corner area LL-801 LL-0374 Abandoned Cottage
 Putnam Valley area
New York is only an hour south of the location where the left, right and above pictures were taken, the country site is still rural and rocky with many streams and lakes.

LL-1802 Church Build 1887 LL-1835 LL-1835 Rocky Brook
N. Putnam Valley NY
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