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The photograph to the right was taken in 1948 in The Hague Holland. The camera was a Retina 35 MM of modest capability. The hot black/white film in those days was Ilford 25 ASA film.
To right; A view from the new World Trade Center. The observation deck from which this image was taken, is 1362 ft above ground level. The building has 82 stories and cost 2 Billion to build. See other pictures at the New- York page.
BW-50D_0360_Back Woods Bog
 near Bear Mountain NY 
The image to the left was taken in an old section of town. Timed exposure with back-flash behind the girl. The picture to the right was taken in a local church around fasten explaining the covers over the holy statues.  BW-403  
 Second Place Ribbon APS 4/09
Image of this pretty summer home on the left was taken in 2014 near Bolton, Lake George NY. The Country road picture to the left was taken in early spring of 2015. The tree blossoms look like snow and like snow, only lasts a few days.  
BBW-D6_1497 Summer Home
 Lake George
    bd-d6 0389 Country Road
Snellville Ga.
L Left, reflections of trees in a canal. Right, view from a back window. It was the scenery I looked at it for most of my younger years. It gave me the motivation to go on to better places. Scheveningen-Holland
BW-404    BW-405 
I crossed paths with this goat somewhere in the Bahamas. Is she looking how safe it is  before crossing? To the right is a lone fisherman on a Dutch (Scheveningen) beach fishing for flounder. This beach is close to my hearth. I played "hooky" and beach cumbered on it. I lived vey close to it.
BW-406    BW-407 
Not so old is this image of  a very old pine tree. I noticed this tree on Beach Drive NE in St. Petersburg FL. The image was shot in color on Kodak Royal Gold 200 using a Canon Elan 7E with a 28-135 AF/IS zoom lens. Photoshop was used to remove the color and to crop the image slightly to remove foreground clutter.
BBW-408   BW-409 
There is something about B&W photography. Often two images of the same subject matter, one in color and one in black & white. The latter one can be more eye-catching then the color one. Why that is I do not know. This picture taken in the Halifax Preserve is such an instance as well as the image of a canal in St. Petersburg FL
BW-410    BW-0605 
Lilies is the title of the image to the left Printed after special process it is an attractive image. Somewhat submissive and peaceful. Makes for an attractive wall piece.

Right, a Portofino image converted to B&W and edited for best tone. Lilies is the title of the image to the left

BW-0183    BW-295 
The two seagulls to the left were shot from the back of a fishing boat while cleaning fish near  the transom. Originally shot in color, it was processed in Photoshop creating a B&W with red filter effect. This print has outstanding visual display qualities. To the right, shot with green filter and also processed in Photoshop, an abandoned Georgia home stead
           BW-1336    BW-1229 Honorable mention Ribbon APS 7/09
To the left, an opposite incoming light study silhouetting the narrowing of the cove and emphasizing the shore line. Two ducks having a conversation.  Hibiscus in black & white. Below and left, building on Emory University Campus. Center, a brass gate light. Right, the Methodist Emory Campus Church.
BW-1341    BW-1311    BW-1164 
BW-0648    BW-1093   BW-50-0668 
BW-0299   BW-0300   BW-0280
BW-0124 Dandelion    BW-0335 Roller Coaster Frame    BW-0350 Hourglass Reflection 
BW-1809 Glass Bottles BW-2150 Cadillac Mnt. area BW-2020 Acadia Nat. Prk. area
BW-50 1343 Pine Tree
 Lake George NY
  BW-50D 0277-2 Terminus Bld. Buck Head   BW-0288_3 Buck Head-Lenox Area, Buck Head Ga. 
BW-50D_0071-314 Cluster Orchids         BW-50D_2008 Orange Mandeville Trellis   BW-50D_1827 Sea Oats 
bd-d6_0426 Abbey of the
 Holy Spirit Conyers Ga
  BW-6D_001135 Armenian Churh Door   BW-6D_001136 Old Church Door
6D_001136-2 Missing Doorknob    BW-50D_0589 Time-out    BW-50D_0462 TheTaller Chair 

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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