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Back in 1982 we had some oversees visitors who wanted to see New York City. We had been in New York City often but never taken the Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan. I expected it to be an opportunity of making some decent pictures as the boat went from its Hudson pier mooring to the Statue of Liberty, around Manhattan via the East River, through Hells Gate and back to the Battery. To be thru to a photographers image, I had taken my arge Nikon bag with the Nikon F2 and the Nikkormat AW-1. One camera had a Vivitar 35/85 MM 3.5 and the other had a Vivitar 75/205 MM 3.8 mounted and the 55 MM and a wide angle Nikon lens in my bag in the event I needed them. Both cameras had Kodachrome 100 slide film.
NY-900 Brooklyn Ferry Terminal  
Needles to say I was ready! From the pictures, you can see that I had a good time and pleased with the results. The image to the left is the Lower East site with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. The traffic on the Hudson and East River is not like it was in the forties and fifties. Trucking took over the freight business but there is enough river traffic to make it interesting. The day was sunny but windy aggravated by the speed of the boat which contributed to a slight loss of sharpness and detail. In summation, I can not be unhappy with the images and I recommend this sight-seeing tour to anyone. 
  NY-901 Mid West Site
This shot of Manhattan is probably the most photographed landmark iin the world. This picture shows the Hudson and the World Trade Center Twin Towers on the left, the East River to the right. To the bottom of the Twin Towers is the Battery Park and the pier where the Circle Line operates from. A commuter ferry is leaving the south terminal on its way to Staten Island. The Brooklyn ferry terminal is next and to the North of it. A barge is being towed down the river. To the right a  freighter unloads its argo. Some of the Hudson river traffic left of a busy past. Today, all shipping is containerized and goes to Elizabeth NJ.
NY-902 Lower East Site  
This image below, of the New York Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was made at the same time as the pictures above. This image shows the North Tower from bottom to the top including the mast which now,
NY-903  Tip of Manhattan   NY-904  The Cement Barge
stands twisted and oblique on top of what is left of this proud architectural achievement. This image was taken in 1982 while construction of other buildings surrounding the Tower Center were still under construction. The destroyed and symbolic arches of the North Tower entrance protruding out of the rubble as we have seen it shown on national television in the week of  September eleven, show here as they were in better times.  About the same time frame, my wife and I had dinner at the Windows of the World a restaurant located near the very top of the North Tower. On the morning of infamy I wondered about what had happened to the kitchen staff making preparation for the lunch hour.  A little later the answer was very clear.  
  NY-911 Twin Towers      NY-915 Statue of Liberty
To the right is the Empire State building as seen from the top of the Rockefeller Center building. The view is to the south and about mid afternoon on a overcast dreary day. Pictures taken on days like this usually are not worth their salt but this one has an uplifting tone as the sun is trying to break through. To the left is the Fifth ave. entrance to the St. Patrick Cathedral. This entrance is also a door into a monumental architectural treat. Center below; Calhoun's Pizza, Spring Str. has been around as long as Nathan's hotdogs and probably deserves the same fame.
St. Patrick
NY(B) Pictures by Barbara Y. Muller-Feldman NYB-0256 Empire State Bldg.
Shortly before the Holydays, I went to New York with the objective to photograph the interior of Grand Central Station. While I was there, I ran into some interesting scenes like Graffity on the left and the Blue Bike below. St. Patrick's was on my calendar but much to my dismay, the church of all churches was in scaffolding, outside as well as inside. Grand Central
5NY-50D_1045 Graffiti NY-50D_1051 Grand Central
NY-50D_111 Blue bike    NY-50D_116 Battery Plaza    NY-50D_124 Grand Central
was tricky because of the dimmed light and the moving travelers. Graffiti and the Blue Bike were taken on the Avenue Americas from an automobile front seat. Seaport is always a surprise one way or the other. In the summer it is mopped and in the off- season it is better to take pictures because of the absence of a crowd but,  the stores and restaurants are closed.
NY-50D_1025 Sea Port NY-50D_1028 Sea Port Warf
NY-50D_102 Freedom Tower NY-50D_1172 Times  Square NY-50D_1075 Times Square NY-50D_90 Battery Plaza
  The Freedom Tower, being about a year away from being completed, stands tall in the near dark night sky. The glass and the sky are black/blue making this picture a challenge. Contour illumination and light from several working and construction elevators, made this building image an attractive photograph.
NYB-50_SX-0374 Columbus Square seen through glass NY-50D_155-157 Times Square
Rockefeller Plaza is also the home of the Empire state Building. The complex was build between 1930 and 1939. It stands on 22 acres and houses a total of 19 buildings including the plaza with an ice skating rink. The construction took about nine years and employed nearly 40,000 workers .The architect was Mr. Raymond Hood Esq.
Rockefeller Plaza NY
  NYB-50D_1042_New York
 Skyline at Twilight
One World Trade Center is New York's tallest building weighting-in at 1251 ft. high, 82 floors with a magnificent observation deck located on 71st floor. Include to antenna tower and the total height of this sky scraper is 1776 ft.

On the right is an image of the tower taken from Battery Park the most southern location of Manhattan.

To the left, a shot of the Empire State Building on 34th street with the main entrance of Macy department store in the foreground.
NY-6D-0811 Empire State Building NY-6D-0188-2 World Trade Center Building
To the left is Hoboken once a major port and the home port of the Holland America Line. Hoboken, once home of a lot of industry has with the closing of  the waterfront been transformed to an upscale bedroom community of Manhattan.

To the right, the East River and the Brooklyn Bridges. In the distance, the Connecticut shore
NY-6D-0769 Hoboken NJ    NY-6D-0755 East River & Bridges
 to Brooklyn 
To the left, the Hudson and the Westside Highway. In the distance is the George Washington Bridge to NJ.

To the right, the Northern tip of Staten Island with Jersey City in the right foreground taken from Battery Park.
NY-6D-0764 Westside Hgwy and
George Washington Bldg
NY-6D-0719 Jersey City
Left, Above ground Structure (The Oculus) of the Path Transportation at the World Trade Center. The stunning building was designed by the Spanish Architect Mr. Santiago Calatrava. To the right, The lobby of The Oculus. Train platforms are located to the sides as well as at several levels below.  
NY-6D 1644-3-World Trade Center SubwayTermina   NY-6D 1619 Transit Center Lobby 

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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