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PA-1205    PA-1210    PA-1211    PA-1208 
The above gerbera's were manipulated with Photoshop using a variety of filters and techniques applied to stock images. The background was removed in PA-1205 and filled with a solid black color then we increased the saturation level without creating solarization. PA-1210 is a reversed video and color tweaked to created the desired result. PA-1211 is the basic image however the hue was used as a tool to give the image an abstract appearance and we added an fluorescent edge to the flower pedals. PA-1208 is an inversed version of PA-1205 and a black outline was added using Photoshop's edge filter.
PA-1201    PA-1202    PA-1209    PA-1203    PA-1204 
The above images are all done using same Daylily. The background was dark and became close to being black after increasing the color saturation. PA-1201-1204, are variations of hue settings and color saturation settings. PA-1209 is an color inverted version. Although the colors are surrealistic, and because of the abstract appearance and striking colors that demand attention, the images are interesting lobby and office decorations. 
PA-1322    PA-1323     PA-1332   PA-1334 
The original photograph is a pink Hibiscus done in variety of inversions with various hue values and edge treatments.  PA-1332 is the original image treated with a high pass filter and softened. PA-1334 is the same with increased contrast and saturation.  
PA-1335    PA-1237    PA-1238    PA-1336 
PA-1335 is a composite of two images. The Seagull was photographed from the back of a fishing boat some 25 years ago. The location was the Fisherman's Sound of Niantic CT., The second image (blue ski with clouds) was shot of Daytona Beach some 12500 miles south of the first location. I used Photoshop magic eraser to remove the background from the Seagull image and sandwiched it on top of the sky image using the Move tool. The double image was then inverted and the overall color changed with the hue setting. PA-1336 is a triple sandwiched image. Both Seagulls had their background stripped than superimposed on top of another ski image. The original image for PA-1237 is O-1000 (see Old Buildings page). The color was removed creating a basic black and white image> Then the doors were painted (selecting them) red and green using paint bucket at about 25% opaqueness. The image was finished by reducing the contrast to obtain a softer image.  PA-1238 is basically the same image up to image reduction. The image was finished with a Photoshop Fresno filter which created the charcoal drawing look.
Sometimes it is difficult to pick the better image.PA-535-a is the original, PA-o536-b was "painted" with Photoshop. In addition to color rendering the geometrical proportions of the original were somewhat elongated. Photoshop manipulations introduced a lot of "noise" which was removed with Photoshop's "Dust & Scratch" filter. From a visual point-of-view, the "re-worked" image has more eye appeal. Images below are also Photoshop manipulated. Both make for attractive additions to waiting room or office.
PA-0535-a    PA-0535-b 
PA-0325    W-97 
The Window on the right, is a triple composite. The Astronaut picture was down loaded from the NASA web site. mage  MA-1145, Inner Sanctum of an Orchid,  was shot with a Canon 100 mm Macro lens. The picture is interesting because of the detail it shows.
PA-50-90    MA-1145

The above images are 72 DPI only. However, when ordered, they are custom printed @ 1440 DPI using Epson UltraChrome art inks guaranteeing an eighty year lightfast product on Epson luster photo stock.

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